Yesterday, my daughter had one of her legendary tantrums, and it was all because I didn’t listen to what she said. After that, everything I did was wrong. Every little thing was a mistake. I moved her doll a fraction of a centimeter, and she screamed. “That’s mine!” I went to the room, and she screamed. “No!” Whatever I did was incorrect, and I was fast becoming impatient. These things sometimes happen once a month (Thank God!). But when such incidents occur, all I can do is leave her be. Time out? How? It will just make everything crazy. She’ll just go red in the face screaming like a banshee. She doesn’t listen or she just refuses to hear me during such episodes. All I do is let her get it all out until she calms down. When she does, she’s the one who approaches me and says sorry. “I’m sorry, Mama. I’m really sorry.” After that, I sit her down and we talk about what happened. By then, she’ll be willing to listen. I tell her that she hurt Mama’s heart, to which she responds with a sweet apology together with big fat tears. She then promises to be a good girl, which lasts for about a few minutes. But I think that she and all other kids are innately good. It’s just that she’s exploring her independence and she’s incredibly curious about her surroundings. There are just times that I feel so frustrated, and I just want to scream with her. Well, I do sometimes – in a pillow. Who said parenting was easy, right?

Parenting is definitely not a walk in the park. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why I wanted a child. But when my daughter comes up to me and hugs me and tells me that she loves me, it makes everything much clearer, and I feel my heart just bursting with love and joy. But when she’s having her melt downs, I just look at her and wonder, “Wow. She has powerful lungs.” I try to ignore her during her tantrums until these subside. It’s hard, especially if she’s running around and shrilly screaming.


IMG_4242I try to discipline my child the best way I know how. I praise her when she does something good, like pick up her toys or throw litter in the bin. I also make chores more fun to encourage her to participate and do things on her own. We do many things together – telling stories, doing watercolors, playing catch, and we’ve even begun to teach her about saving money. She has a puppy (not piggy) bank that she is filling with coins so that she can buy one of those Play Dough sets that she saw on Nick Jr. I am proud of my daughter. For a two-year-old, she’s responsive, understanding to a point, and quite patient. I guess there are just “melt down” days, and many things could trigger these events. I was thinking that maybe she was becoming bored as we’ve been stuck at home for about a week now. Anyway, she now wants her bath, which means bye for now.